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Amazon Advertising: Case Studies

Case Study Nº1: Repeat Purchases

Sector: Grocery

For 9 months we focused on driving relevance and repeat purchases. Investing in keyword research and mass experimentation. We achieved a category rank of 44 by Q4, leading to a 2.1X monthly increase.

Ad Revenue:


ACOS reduction:


Case Study Nº2: Product Launch

Sector: Pet

Within 3-weeks we were able to rank on the first page for 2 primary search terms and a handful of secondary. Our keyword harvest improved conversion rates by 7% after embedding new terms into the listing.

Ad Revenue:


Launch Period:

1 Month

Case Study Nº3: Building Relevance

Sector: Toys

Our team focused on driving relevance throughout the year with the objective of being well placed for organic visibility in Q4 and onwards. This compounding resulted in a 10X improvement in ad revenue from Oct-Dec.

Ad Revenue:


ACOS reduction:


Case Study Nº4: High ASP

Sector: Home

By diving deep into long-tail keywords and improving conversion rates, we increased sales by £466k over 6-months. We also obtained relevance and rank for the majority of primary and secondary keywords.

Ad Revenue:




Timeline Expectations

1 - 4 Weeks

We analyse your existing listing(s) and campaign(s) and fill in advertising gaps with the appropriate campaigns and ad groups.

There may be initial spikes and dips in your numbers in any research period. Initial listing and backend audits performed.

4 - 8 Weeks

We carefully monitor adjustments made to address any initial problems, scale best performing areas while optimising bids, budgets, and keywords.

Ongoing listing optimisation and strategy conversations.

8 - 12 Weeks & On

This marks the completion of the research phase.

We continue tweaking strategies to ensure the best ROI (adaptation to market trends) and apply further stabilisation (month-to-month growth numbers identified).

Ongoing listing optimisation and brand recommendations continue.

Our Plans

Enterprise Plan

  • Full Amazon advertising management
  • Weekly performance insights
  • Monthly strategy call
  • Monthly performance deep dive
  • Fixed fee regardless of growth
  • Bespoke pricing

We offer discounts for additional marketplaces